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James S. Potter's Journal

James S. Potter


Name: James Harry Potter
Birthday: 04 November 2003
Age: 17
Wand: Chestnut & Phoenix Feather, 11 inches
House: Gryffindor
Bloodline: Pureblood (ish)
Pets: Scout (owl)
Boggart: Blinding lights and lots of noise
Patronus: Lion


Harry Potter {father}
Ginny Potter {mother}
Albus Potter {brother}
Lily Potter {sister}

______________ Ron Weasley {uncle}
______________ Hermione Weasley {aunt by marriage}
Rose Weasley {cousin}
Hugo Weasley {cousin}

George Weasley {uncle}
______________ Percy Weasley {uncle}
______________ Charlie Weasley {uncle}

______________ Bill Weasley {uncle}
______________ Fleur Weasley {aunt by marriage}
Victoire Weasley {cousin}

______________ Molly Weasley {grandmother}
______________ Arthur Weasley {grandfather}


Height: 5’6”
Eyes: Hazel-Brown
Hair: Reddish Brown
PB: Jared Padalecki
Defining Marks: None

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At 17, James gets excited easily over small things and is often boisterous and/or loud. Eldest of three, he is used to and enjoys being the centre of attention, but dislikes any parallels people draw between him and his father, who everyone expects him to live up to in terms of 'Great Deeds'.

As it is, although he has inherited his grandfather's natural intelligence, he pays less attention to his upcoming NEWTs than he does to his Quidditch game. He plans to play professionally once he finishes school. As captain, he has perhaps more house spirit than is healthy.

James is protective of his younger siblings but doesn't go out of his way to ensure they keep out of trouble. What would be the point? He is also very close to Teddy, who was around a lot when they were younger. He sees him as an older brother and Teddy is the only one (apart from his parents) who can really tell him off.

James' Boggart stems from an incident in infanthood when his family was set upon by rabid Prophet reporters while innocently shopping. James was blinded by the lights and fell, very nearly getting trampled in the scramble. Since then, he is claustrophobic and has a strong dislike for photographers, and there are very few press cuttings of him smiling.


Marital Status: In a relationship
Sexual Orientation: ?
General love life information: James has had a couple of casual girlfriends, but nothing serious, and they tended to lose interest in him quickly as soon as they realised how focused he is on his game. Some people, however, just cannot be deterred.
Current love interest: Eden Blakeney